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Highway™ Bali Consulting Services

Highway™ Bali Consulting Services

Welcome to BaliConsultant.com, Highway™ Bali Consulting Services (PT. Bali Kreasi Bisnis), one of the most experienced consulting and facilitation services for expatriates and investors in Bali Indonesia.

Every year, the thriving expatriate community here grows larger. Retirement, local investment, headquarters re-location, or lifestyle change are typical reasons for living the good life on Bali. Highway™ Bali Consulting Services enables any of these objectives. The main thing we do is to provide reliable, simple and affordable advice. We show you how to live just as independently here as you would in any developed country. Buy your own house and land, sponsor your own visa, run your own business, all with total independence, security and recourse.

Over the years we have assisted literally thousands of expatriates and we can facilitate the success of your objectives plus offer you complete control over your Bali based business and real estate investments.

As an Indonesian owned and Expatriate operated Consulting Services, we are among the most experienced professional counselors in the country. Our many years of experience and our local connections guarantee the result that you need to protect yourself and your investment in Indonesia.

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