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Company Formation

In your home country, you would never think of basing commercial capital spending on the trust of even an old friend; and certainly not someone from a developing nation whom you hardly know. And back home you would most likely get a good lawyer to secure everything. Here you should do the same thing.

Highway™ Bali Consulting Services is here to provide the international business community with high quality, legal advice on all the dealing they are likely to have, we demonstrate low-profile, successful legal strategies without the risk of things going wrong. We offer legal procedures and solutions to give you total security for far into the future. All of our advice is guaranteed for as long as it is used.

Our guidance reduces your reliance on local partners to an absolute minimum. You, not others are always in total control of your commercial situation. Your leases, your company, your stock, your visa, your employees are completely under your own exclusive authority. There is zero reason to put your trust in anyone else. In fact we like to say “trust is good, but no trust is better. It’s your investment money and we make sure that you don’t lose it.

With legitimate legal status, there is no reason why you should ever be at the mercy of a landlord, partner or officials on Bali, just because of your different nationality.

We focus on putting our clients in an independent business position. This means total foreign control and ownership of business activity, including land use agreement, land acquisitions, intellectual property, revenues and capital assets.

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