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Land Transactions - Investment Protection

By far the most active area of our practice is land transactions. Leases and land acquisitions keep us busier than anything else. If you are considering buying or leasing real estate in Bali you should see us before outlaying any money.

“On another note, talking with expats about property again, its scary how some people come to Bali and start chucking money around. For some reason people buy into this ‘just put the title in the name of your newest, bestest, Balinese friend’. One guy told me he had invested a large sum of money (over 6 figures $US), without consulting a lawyer and was ‘going on faith’! Bali is a great place and most people are lovely. However, there are a few pitfalls that can happen if you’re not careful.”
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Far too often people come to us after paying for property and then finding out that they don’t really, legally own it. Again, come to see us for advice before signing any documents or paying any money for your Bali property.

Our expert staff run a due diligence check on the land, house or building you want to buy or rent. We make sure the seller or lessor really owns it, hasn’t mortgaged it, has a building permit and has paid the land taxes. We establish low market rental. We confirm zoning compliance. If the land’s bona fides are established we provide a hard-wired, airtight deed or lease written in English, that you can bank on.

All of our land deeds and leases are guaranteed and certified by Bali notaries, as required by law. Over the years, we have assisted many hundreds of clients acquire land with simple and secure documentation. Not once has ownership been disturbed.

If you are already experiencing problems with a property in Bali that you have purchased or leased we invite you to contact us for a free initial consultation. We are quite good at influencing a fast, logical and amicable conclusion.

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