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Medical Insurance

Medical Insurance Travel Insurance is fine for short stays in Bali but long term expatriates in Indonesia need a different kind of insurance. In Bali medical treatment of a reasonable international standard is usually not available. Where it is available the costs can be very expensive. Many people just don’t realise the costs involved with […]

Land Transactions – Investment Protection

Land Transactions – Investment Protection By far the most active area of our practice is land transactions. Leases and land acquisitions keep us busier than anything else. If you are considering buying or leasing real estate in Bali you should see us before outlaying any money. “On another note, talking with expats about property again, […]

Company Formation

Company Formation In your home country, you would never think of basing commercial capital spending on the trust of even an old friend; and certainly not someone from a developing nation whom you hardly know. And back home you would most likely get a good lawyer to secure everything. Here you should do the same […]

Immigration Agency Services

Immigration Agency Services In Indonesia, as elsewhere in the world, your Immigration status is of vital importance. Records show that about 85% of all legal problems here in Bali arise from visa use issues, mainly for not having the correct type of visa for your situation. Having the correct type of visa is very important […]

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